Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Happy Blogiversary!!

One year ago today I started my blog!!  And it was a success (for me) up until February it seems.  To celebrate my blogiversary I am going to upload some pics!!  And then I might make a few reflections stemming from my first ever blog post.  This could be fun!
A view from the flight that never took flight ;-(

Talk about dinner with a view!!

2nd verse...not like the 1st!  Day 2

Really now?!...

Musk Ox.  Stinky!

I really do!  And I think it hearts me, too!!!

Above is what happens when you set your shutter to take multiple pics and you didn't
realize it!  Gotta fill in the gaps somehow, some way!

Totally out of my realm!

Alaska Bestie and I.  Gotta stay warm at 43 degrees.  Cover thy head to avoid losing body heat!

Should be sleeping, but I have already been up this long...why sleep?

View from our table

Wonder Lake, random dude.

Leaving much to the imagination.  I LOVE this!  And it was pouring rain and the bus was about to leave us.
One shot deal!

The bird who was out to kill us.  Three times!!

Oh how I miss jeans and jackets...

Goodbye!  sniff sniff