Tuesday, August 7, 2012


In just a few short hours I will be sending my baby girls off to 2nd and 4th grade.  Nothing brings me greater joy.  This has been the most “boring” summer ever according to them.  I have spent more hours at the pool than I have sleeping, more hours than that cleaning up their messes and cooking them meals.  So come tomorrow morning, there will be no choking on tears of sadness.  I will be rejoicing.

So how does a mother celebrate the end of a summer with her wonderful children?  With a MAMMOGRAM, of course!  And it gets even better!  I will be topping off the morning with a well-woman exam!  The part I look forward to the most is the drawing of blood.  Fasting, of course.  And to top that off, I will have a TB skin test for nursing school.  It’s like a full-body cocktail of rejuvenation.  I will admit however that I am a little nervous about this mammogram.  Not the procedure.  That’s easy.   It’s the results that may be frightening.  This will be a comparison to the December findings thereby determining if any significant growth has occurred since that time.

Proof that summer has been extremely "boring"!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Nostalgic Moments Abound

With so much time on my hands I decide its time to start studying up for my Senior Year!  I look back and realize that I have had Senioritis since January...when I wasn't even a senior.  In fact, back then I couldn't see that 'S' word in my future.  Now I can.  And I will on August 13th!

I will be studying for a placement exam that will essentially 'place' me for my nursing preceptorship which begins in March 2013!!  That seems so far off, but yet so close!  So anyhoo, the exam will test my brain to see if I get a good spot.  There are many good spots in life, but the one you really want to be in for your preceptorship is the Emergency Room, and preferably not as a patient!!  I think the other desirable places are ICU and Peds.  We will all soon see how smart I am!  Hopefully I will not end up at the Department of Public Health.  That will be a good indicator to you that my brain is not in good shape!

My nostalgia comes when I see friends from this past year (those who less than a year ago I had not even met) and they have just received their nursing licenses in the past couple of weeks!  How exciting is that?!?  I hope that's me in a year from now...in fact, hopefully just one year from now I will be looking into the Master's in Nursing programs!  But I must surpass Senioritis first!  Baby Steps...

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Making choices...and ridding myself of options

After church we cruised on over to see my parents.  They are always just the happiest people.  And tonight especially, because my mom bought herself a new 2012 Buick Enclave.  She let me drive it.  It was nice, but I wasn't too impressed.  I am just not into the Buick.  I associate them with the more elderly generation.  The only thing it had that I WISH that I had in my WONDERFUL, PAID IN FULL Honda Odyssey, is a connector for an iPod or iPhone.  I want one desperately, however my desperation would cost me $450!!  Not too cute on an unemployed student nurses salary, right??  And that is just for the adaptor.  Sickening.  

So, for those of you who know me, like REALLY know me in the flesh,  I am currently working on becoming healthier both mentally and physically.  By physical, I am starting out with some much needed sleep.  Mentally, well I am not doing so good in that department.  I have lost 5 pounds WITHOUT intention since I returned from my trip to Alaska.  I have been totally on edge and can barely eat.  So much weighing heavily on my mind and I am trying to turn to the right place, but I keep coming back to the same decision.  In essence, I am so tired of the stresses placed upon me.  I want to be taken care of both physically and emotionally.  I was thinking earlier how cool would it be to have someone plan a trip.  For once not to be the travel agent, but to let a travel agent do all the work for ME!!  What once looked like an option, is turning itself into a choice.  But I digress...

Saturday, July 14, 2012

And by the way:

After kleaning all day I made the most delicious chocolate chip kookies. I had only one and my heart was racing. Racing because I never eat sugar. Such a yummy treat!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Just Sayin...

I will never complain about school again.  I am making this promise right now!!  I am so bored I could scream!  It is too hot, the kids are too wild, and I was just not feeling the pool today for some reason.  I need some sort of inspiration to make it through life until August 13th.  Or at least I hope it is August 13th!!

I won Yard of the Month for neighborhood just a few days ago.  It's funny how I win just when I think that I don't deserve it.  All of my flowers are drooping and many are dying because of the heat.  I won't even begin to discuss my garden.  It's a mess!
So after someone came and put the sign up, it fell over!  I went out to pick it up (because how tacky is that to have a sign of this nature toppled over in the grass?) and a SNAKE slithered between my legs!!  That is the second snake I have seen in the past week or so.  I sure hope this isn't a sign!!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Needing Some Change!

So I am sick of summer already.  I am ready for the kids to go back to school, and more importantly, I am ready to go back to school!  I hate not having a schedule.  I hate staying up late and getting up past noon.  I thrive on routine.  That's why I hate the weekends.  Someone told me yesterday that I probably do not like the weekends because I DON"T HAVE A JOB!!!  I think she may be right!  We do spend most every afternoon at the pool.  Not only does it provide my children with an outlet, but it helps me pass the days away!  I need some Cymbalta!!

I am just plain ready to get this nursing thing over with!  I was talking with a friend tonight who said that she was going to start reviewing next week.  I am pretty sure (almost 100% confident) that it would be in my best interest to do the same.  I still have my clinical notes from Spring semester, and of course, my Saunders review book.  I should probably blow the dust off of my stethoscope, too...maybe pull out the ole blood pressure cuff and see if I can remember Systolic from Diastolic!  HA!

I have so much going on in my brain.  My mind is all over the place.  I have put  myself in the most awkward situation.  I am dealing with thoughts and feelings that I never (in a million years) thought that I would.  Things that have always been normal, MY normal, I am now questioning.  There are certain things in life that I want, and (maybe) now that I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel, I am not sure what lies beyond the tunnel.  Or maybe I have grown bored with complacency.  I wish I had a crystal ball that I could peer into and see my life one year from now.  If only things were that easy...

I do know one thing for sure.  This wicked, Southern summer humidity is really getting me down.  Not only is it the humidity, it's the roaches, snakes, and spiders.  If I could, I would leave this town tomorrow and never look back.  Must. Get. OUT.  But where would I go?

In my driveway, headed toward the inside of my garage, and knowing my luck, probably the underside of my foot!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Happy Blogiversary!!

One year ago today I started my blog!!  And it was a success (for me) up until February it seems.  To celebrate my blogiversary I am going to upload some pics!!  And then I might make a few reflections stemming from my first ever blog post.  This could be fun!
A view from the flight that never took flight ;-(

Talk about dinner with a view!!

2nd verse...not like the 1st!  Day 2

Really now?!...

Musk Ox.  Stinky!

I really do!  And I think it hearts me, too!!!

Above is what happens when you set your shutter to take multiple pics and you didn't
realize it!  Gotta fill in the gaps somehow, some way!

Totally out of my realm!

Alaska Bestie and I.  Gotta stay warm at 43 degrees.  Cover thy head to avoid losing body heat!

Should be sleeping, but I have already been up this long...why sleep?

View from our table

Wonder Lake, random dude.

Leaving much to the imagination.  I LOVE this!  And it was pouring rain and the bus was about to leave us.
One shot deal!

The bird who was out to kill us.  Three times!!

Oh how I miss jeans and jackets...

Goodbye!  sniff sniff