Tuesday, August 7, 2012


In just a few short hours I will be sending my baby girls off to 2nd and 4th grade.  Nothing brings me greater joy.  This has been the most “boring” summer ever according to them.  I have spent more hours at the pool than I have sleeping, more hours than that cleaning up their messes and cooking them meals.  So come tomorrow morning, there will be no choking on tears of sadness.  I will be rejoicing.

So how does a mother celebrate the end of a summer with her wonderful children?  With a MAMMOGRAM, of course!  And it gets even better!  I will be topping off the morning with a well-woman exam!  The part I look forward to the most is the drawing of blood.  Fasting, of course.  And to top that off, I will have a TB skin test for nursing school.  It’s like a full-body cocktail of rejuvenation.  I will admit however that I am a little nervous about this mammogram.  Not the procedure.  That’s easy.   It’s the results that may be frightening.  This will be a comparison to the December findings thereby determining if any significant growth has occurred since that time.

Proof that summer has been extremely "boring"!

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