Monday, July 23, 2012

Nostalgic Moments Abound

With so much time on my hands I decide its time to start studying up for my Senior Year!  I look back and realize that I have had Senioritis since January...when I wasn't even a senior.  In fact, back then I couldn't see that 'S' word in my future.  Now I can.  And I will on August 13th!

I will be studying for a placement exam that will essentially 'place' me for my nursing preceptorship which begins in March 2013!!  That seems so far off, but yet so close!  So anyhoo, the exam will test my brain to see if I get a good spot.  There are many good spots in life, but the one you really want to be in for your preceptorship is the Emergency Room, and preferably not as a patient!!  I think the other desirable places are ICU and Peds.  We will all soon see how smart I am!  Hopefully I will not end up at the Department of Public Health.  That will be a good indicator to you that my brain is not in good shape!

My nostalgia comes when I see friends from this past year (those who less than a year ago I had not even met) and they have just received their nursing licenses in the past couple of weeks!  How exciting is that?!?  I hope that's me in a year from fact, hopefully just one year from now I will be looking into the Master's in Nursing programs!  But I must surpass Senioritis first!  Baby Steps...

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