Sunday, July 8, 2012

Needing Some Change!

So I am sick of summer already.  I am ready for the kids to go back to school, and more importantly, I am ready to go back to school!  I hate not having a schedule.  I hate staying up late and getting up past noon.  I thrive on routine.  That's why I hate the weekends.  Someone told me yesterday that I probably do not like the weekends because I DON"T HAVE A JOB!!!  I think she may be right!  We do spend most every afternoon at the pool.  Not only does it provide my children with an outlet, but it helps me pass the days away!  I need some Cymbalta!!

I am just plain ready to get this nursing thing over with!  I was talking with a friend tonight who said that she was going to start reviewing next week.  I am pretty sure (almost 100% confident) that it would be in my best interest to do the same.  I still have my clinical notes from Spring semester, and of course, my Saunders review book.  I should probably blow the dust off of my stethoscope, too...maybe pull out the ole blood pressure cuff and see if I can remember Systolic from Diastolic!  HA!

I have so much going on in my brain.  My mind is all over the place.  I have put  myself in the most awkward situation.  I am dealing with thoughts and feelings that I never (in a million years) thought that I would.  Things that have always been normal, MY normal, I am now questioning.  There are certain things in life that I want, and (maybe) now that I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel, I am not sure what lies beyond the tunnel.  Or maybe I have grown bored with complacency.  I wish I had a crystal ball that I could peer into and see my life one year from now.  If only things were that easy...

I do know one thing for sure.  This wicked, Southern summer humidity is really getting me down.  Not only is it the humidity, it's the roaches, snakes, and spiders.  If I could, I would leave this town tomorrow and never look back.  Must. Get. OUT.  But where would I go?

In my driveway, headed toward the inside of my garage, and knowing my luck, probably the underside of my foot!

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  1. Yeah routine is always good!!
    In a way, I'm glad we go straight through summer. We don't get many breaks & are a little burnt out towards the end of our semesters but it is going by much faster than I thought it would.
    Fall will be here before you know it!
    And with all the dinamaps we use, I don't know how good I'd be at getting manual BP either...